A Little About Us:

Nathan and I both grew up in Virginia, but did not connect until after we had graduated from our respective colleges.  We actually “met” while he was deployed in 2011 and I was living in Virginia (we are an internet dating success story!) and soon found out we had mutual friends, which ultimately brought us together.  There were a few complications in the beginning, including him being stationed in Hawaii and me having a horse in Virginia and a full-time job in Washington D.C., but through time and travels we made it work!  In September 2012 he was able to change his station to Virginia, in November we bought a condo, and in December we were married.  2012 was quite the year!

After that crazy year, we spent 2013 working hard and playing harder.  With two full-time jobs, we were able to travel and complete several triathlons up and down the Eastern shore.  Our “big” trip happened in 2014, when we were given the opportunity to travel to Thailand where we completed our open water scuba certifications.  In April 2014 we found out I was pregnant, and in January 2015 our daughter was born!  Three months after her birth, we moved to Georgia, then to Tennessee.  In 2016 we found out I was pregnant again (two weeks after Nathan had deployed for an eight month trip!), and in January 2017 our son was born.

So be it athletics, family, kids, food, or military, (or anything else) feel free to post a comment or send me an email if you feel inclined to chat!