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I have to take a break from my day to write about an awesome new product I’ve had the opportunity to try out this month. This product is called “SCOUT” and is made by a family who recently started their small business, SCOUT Family Products.

In 2015, my husband gifted me a single BOB Revolution SE so I could run with my first child to get back in to shape after her birth. The single BOB is not a HUGE stroller, so I could throw it in the back of our GMC Acadia with plenty of room for other things (yoga mats, weights, etc.).

Fast-forward to 2016. We recently discovered I am pregnant with my second child, so I had been scouring the classifieds for used double BOB strollers (BOB jogging strollers are seriously the ONLY jogging stroller I would ever buy, but different story..), used since they retail for almost $600! I finally tracked one down, but it was in Virginia near my parents, so my wonderful mother met a woman, picked it up, and had been storing it for me.  When I say this is a massive stroller I am not joking. I could not fit this stroller in my SUV open, and even folded it takes up more than half my trunk space.

I made a plan to drive to Virginia from Tennessee for a couple months, and during that time I would pick up the double BOB. My plan was to bring the hitch tray we currently own and somehow bungee the double BOB to that for the trip back since the double BOB is so huge. A couple days after I arrived in Virginia, the SCOUT appeared at my parents in a beautiful box. I had talked about it so much to my wonderful mother that she had decided to gift it to me!

IMG_2729The SCOUT is my vote for 2016’s best parent product of the year. It is a BOB stroller hitch carrier, with a screw-in pin and clip you close with pliers instead of the standard slide-in pin with clip. This makes it much harder to remove the pin, since you need a wrench to unscrew the pin from your hitch. The wheel locks in to the primary carrier part with a thick, push-button pin, and (this is BRILLIANT!), the pin has a key lock so you can lock your stroller in to the carrier without any additional wires or locks!! The handle bar of the stroller sits on the top rack and is fastened by some stretchy rubber pieces on the SCOUT. Then you’re ready to go! When you remove the stroller from the SCOUT, it folds up to be close to the car so it doesn’t stick out unnecessarily.

We tried the SCOUT out for the first time on my mother’s Jeep during a trip to Chincoteague Island and Assateague Island, Virginia.  It held up exceptionally well and totally emptied out the space for all our junk in the trunk (hah!).

The only issue we ran in to, was when we put the SCOUT on my GMC Acadia, we discovered I have the shorter hitch, not the recommended 2″.  So it still works fine, but I can’t get my trunk open which is a bummer. I recently found out I can get an extender for my hitch from a retail store, so that is my next step!  Otherwise this thing is seriously awesome 🙂

So thank you, SCOUT Family Products, for coming up with a product I can actually (literally) write home about!!

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This review consists of my personal opinions about this product.  It is in no way endorsed by the manufacturer and I have not received anything in exchange for my honest review. 

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