Race Report: Just Du It Duathlon – Clarksville, TN

This weekend was the completion of my first race of the season, the Just Du It Duathlon at Beechaven Winery in Clarksville, TN.  The duathlon consisted of a 1.58 mile run, 15.5 mile bike, 1.58 mile run.  They had a 1-mile fun run, then a 10k, then the duathlon.

The morning of the race I had my usual overnight oats breakfast, fed baby E and put him back to sleep, then drove 10 minutes to the race site – best location ever!

The race started at 8, but transition opened at 6:30 and was first-come, so I got there about 7am, picked up my packet, and got my bike set up in the transition area. Returned to my car and tried to eat a little something, but I just couldn’t stomach it so I ate a GU instead (had to get 100 cals in). Pumped for baby (still nursing) and left it in the car so Nathan could pick it up when he brought the kids around 8:30/9.

It was SO COLD. Like 45 cold. And raining. I ended up wearing running tights under my triathlon shorts with a long-sleeved shirt under a cycling vest under a cycling jacket plus compression socks and gloves.  It was pretty intense.  I definitely needed all those clothes until the final run – it had stopped raining by then and started to warm up a bit.

The first run was more of a warmup, but I knew if I didn’t try to keep up with the middle I would never catch them on the bike. So I pushed a little and ran a 9:51/mi (I’m a 10:30 runner now) ending that first run in 15:35 (goal under 16). Quick change in transition to cycling shoes and helmet, and a nice easy start on the bike. At about mile 11 I started a little competition with another cyclist, so we were pushing each other more for the last bit which was awesome.  I finished in 58:12 (goal under 1 hour) with an average of 15.46mph.  My max speed was 24mph, which is about what I’ve been hitting in training. Drank an entire aero of Tailwind and felt awesome for the second run, which I pushed to 15:47 (goal under 16). That last run HURT but ultimately the pain was worth it!

Ended with a time of 1:31:18, placing me 3rd female overall, and 1st in my age group.  First podium finish EVER!! It felt awesome and I had my husband and two kids cheering me on which was a huge motivator!

Overall I would do this race again – just hopefully it won’t be SO COLD next time!!

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