Product Review: The Austlen Entourage Stroller

I did it. I bought the Austlen Entourage.

My husband will tell you I have a stroller problem. I’ll admit, I like a good stroller – or several! Parenting is super tough and when I see something that might make this job a little bit easier I am ON IT.

The Entourage has been publicized pretty heavily lately – most notably from The Baby Guy (I actually got an email promoting this stroller ONE HOUR after I purchased it!). So I thought I would go ahead and let everyone know my first impressions.

I’ve had the stroller for about three weeks now. The first take was the un-boxing which I did in my parents’ driveway. It is pretty heavy in the box and takes a little muscle to pull out of there. First look/attempt at unfolding without directions is basically impossible – so directions were definitely a good idea!  To assemble, you have to add on fenders and wheels, remove packing materials from handle, and add basket to the bottom cargo area. There is also an awesome bag that attaches on the top – AND EXPANDS when the stroller does (which is pretty awesome).

I went ahead and purchased a few extras ahead of time to customize the stroller for my specific needs. These items are the Sit+Stand addition, snack tray, rain cover and (2) cup holders. They also have a mosquito cover, second seat, sand wheels, car seat adapters, additional cargo bags, and seat liners.


I personally put my 10-month-old in the regular seat part and my 2.5-year-old rides comfortably strapped in to the Sit+Stand addition. I’ve used this combination in stores like IKEA & Target as well as fall festivals, pumpkin patches, and while trick-or-treating! When my toddler is at school, I just fold up the seat, strap on the market tote, and use the stroller to do quickie shopping at


the grocery store or load up with bigger items at Sams Club. I have also used this stroller while traveling solo at the airport with two littles, where I strapped the baby in a back carrier, put my toddler in the seat, and LOADED the stroller with luggage and car seats!  THAT DAY WAS AWESOME! Someone called me “Supermom!”

My absolute favorite thing about this stroller is the adjustable length. I find myself adjusting ALL THE TIME. I can make it wider to get things wedged in the bottom, then pull it in to secure everything under there. Going in to a tight spot like an elevator? Toddler can hop out of the seat and I can pull the stroller in to a compact size. Seriously the best. I also love the market tote, since it is the perfect size for those short grocery trips, helps keep me environmentally conscious (less bag waste!) and keeps my kid from being exposed to “cart germs”!

I will admit, this thing is big. It takes up about half the trunk of my GMC Acadia and weighs more than 30 pounds. It requires both hands and a certain amount of muscle to lift in to the back, so I don’t believe it would be a good choice for someone with lifting restrictions or certain medical problems. However, the heftiness is in part I think because the materials seem pretty sturdy, so the extra weight/size doesn’t bother me much in exchange for the quality.

Areas this stroller does not perform well – thick grass, slanted embankments (the stroller is top-heavy and could teeter over easily on a slant with any weight in it), deep gravel.

Areas this stroller works great – mowed grass areas, flat ground, roads, sidewalks, concrete, crushed gravel areas.

I have not attempted a beach walk with this stroller, but I do know they sell “beach wheels” for it.

My one “wish” for accessories for this stroller- I wish there was a basket that could extend on the bottom like the market tote does on the top. The basket on the bottom is fixed for the smaller stroller size, so when you expand the stroller there is a large gap. I would love to be able to stretch a basket across that gap!

Overall, I have been having a blast whipping this thing out for numerous events/shopping/walks. It’s a bit too cumbersome for a quick run-in somewhere (takes some time to pull out, unfold, etc), but if you only wanted one stroller for your kids I would absolutely recommend this one!


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