Euphan Helen Carter Goldsmith: 1935-2017

Early this morning the Lord took home a gem of a lady, my husband’s grandmother, Euphan Helen Carter Goldsmith.  Known to us as “Memaw,” known to many others as “Baby,” Memaw was an absolutely wonderful woman.

Back in the day she and her husband (our “Papa”) had married at Fort Belvoir (where Nathan and I married), and just days later shipped off to Germany for military assignment. Memaw had a wonderful unspoken understanding of my life as a military spouse. When we told Memaw about Nathan’s upcoming deployment (now completed), she put her hand on my shoulder and give me that Memaw grin – she just knew. She knew how tough it would be, but she also knew that we would be taken care of. That we would be watched over.

Memaw always knew Nathan was going to be in the army. Her favorite story to tell me was from when he was a little kid- she would look outside and he was “army crawling” up a hill in the snow when it was just a few degrees outside!



My favorite memory of Memaw was from our wedding in 2012. I had only met her a few times by then, but I already knew she was going to be a very special part of my life. Between the ceremony and the reception, Memaw and Papa pulled Nathan and I aside to give us a special gift. Memaw handed us a package.  She had a friend who painted a beautiful design around our wedding invitation and it was framed. She was beaming. It was my favorite moment.


Being around Memaw was a treat. She had a silly sense of humor but stayed classy. She taught me how to cut onions without crying and to “let the boys play outside” while we had “girl time” inside. She was an excellent cook and she loved the Lord.

During the first year of our marriage Memaw used to give us daily devotionals. They were little books she had picked up, but it was obvious she had put careful time in to them. Every page had a note from her- a reminder, a memory, or just a little comment about how much she loved us.  I remember feeling so excited when she would pull one out with my name on it.


I willmiss her personality, her wisdom, her faith and her endless love for all her children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren, family and friends. It was a blessing getting to know her for the past six years.


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